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    Root Canal Therapy

    It is very important that a decision about whether or not to move forward with a root canal treatment be made soon after the recommendation.

    First, the injured nerve in the center of your tooth is very likely to become infected. When this happens the tooth may abscess, which will cause a great deal of pain. Plus, you are more likely to loose your tooth. Having a root canal is a much more sensible and a lot less painful than the alternative.

    The procedure begins with Dr. Cloninger creating a small opening in the tooth and then cleaning out the inside of the tooth’s root to get rid of the damaged nerve. Sometimes this takes more than one appointment. Once the tooth is completely clean we fill it with a natural substance and seal it. At this stage your tooth is “non-vital” which means it no longer has a nerve but is still being nourished by the gum tissue. The procedure is complete when we cast impressions and place a permanent crown that will protect the tooth. During the procedure you will be under local anesthetic, so you will be numb.

    While some believe an extraction would be preferable to a root canal that is hardly the case. An extraction is less expensive, however if you opt for an extraction, you would have to have a bridge if you ever wanted to replace a tooth, which can be costly.

    Dr. Cloninger, as would any dentist, always recommends a course of treatment, which allows the patient to keep his/her original teeth. We hope we have answered any questions you may have concerning this procedure, if not please feel free to call and discuss any of your concerns with us when we set up your appointment.