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    Crown and Bridgework

    Crown and Bridgework is the backbone of restorative dentistry and our practice takes special pride in the quality and longevity of our fixed restorations. We’ve brought a lot of patients back from the verge of oral deterioration with bridgework. We are always pleased when patients believe in the value of their health as much as we do.

    When you decide to proceed with treatment we will schedule you two appointments. At the first appointment we will prepare the tooth or teeth for either a crown or a bridge. The surface of each tooth is reduced a matter of millimeters so the dimensions remain the same after the bridge is secured. We will then take an impression of the area including the surrounding teeth and soft tissue and place a temporary crown or crowns to keep you comfortable until your bridge is ready.

    During this appointment you will be kept comfortable by our caring and highly trained staff. Throughout the appointment you will be given the option to wear headphones and watch television if you so desire. Dr. Cloninger is dedicated to making the experience as comfortable to you as possible.

    At your second appointment we remove the temporary or temporaries and cement the bridge or crown into place. We will then make all final adjustments so the fit is just right and then test the function of your new bite.

    We get a lot of satisfaction from our restorative work. Good dentistry makes people feel better about themselves and it gives the patient something to smile about!

    Please call our office to schedule your appointment.